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Global Bridge Co., Ltd. was established on August 31st, 2007 in Yokohama, Japan. We are proud to announce that we celebrated our tenth anniversary last year. We named our company “Global Bridge”, wishing to play a role like a bridge between countries and looking for ‘like-minded’ people who are also willing to take part in this role with us. In order to support people to work, study and live abroad, our first mission was to support English writing such as preparing resumes and cover letters, revising essays or academic papers, and translating Japanese into English and vice versa. We delivered our service to more than 1,500 people. In December 2015, we moved our office to Tokyo with our new mission to widely contribute to healthcare issues. For this purpose, we have imported science and technology from various healthcare fields particularly based on biomechanics. Collaborating with universities and laboratories of both domestic and overseas, we have been developing the methods and products for health promotion. To pursue the best outcomes, we are selective about quality, which we use scientific evidence for screening. Global Bridge will always be the bridge between countries and welcome people sharing the same mission and spirit!


Thanks to the Internet, we have the borderless access to the global information and therefore, choices are much more diverse compared to before. Students can choose to study abroad if they want to and people can purchase products from other countries via online shops. Global Bridge supports anyone who wants to take advantage of this chance of globalisation. For those who would like to study or work abroad, Global Bridge can help you with required administrative tasks (e.g. VISA, accommodation). We can also help you to prepare documents necessary for university admission and job search. For example, we have assisted many students with writing essays that are to be submitted as part of university entrance application process to demonstrate their motivation and ambition. For job seekers, we have written a cover letter, polished a resume and assisted with preparing other required documents. It is our pleasure to have given successful support to a number of people to start their new overseas lives at their favourite university or with a new job.

Examples of our service:

  • Taught English to Japanese students to enter UC Berkeley; Tokyo University; University of Hawaii; Kyoto University etc.
  • Supported people who live abroad to find jobs by assisting them with writing the cover letter, resume and other necessary documents.
  • Helped with arranging accommodation and other administrative documents.
Global Bridge provides a wide range of business support. We assist companies with setting up a new overseas branch or office; importing/exporting products and technology; finding the best business partner; negotiating on the prices and conditions; planning a Memorandum of Understanding and contractual agreement. For any specific support, we can assist you with finding the right professional help.

Examples of our service:

  • Arranged a Japanese company to be able to offer an Australian government accredited Diploma course in Japan.
  • Establishing collaborative agreement between Victoria University and University of Tsukuba.
  • Arranged an overseas business trip and tour (i.e. accommodation, schedule, visa, flight).
  • Introduced adequate professionals when living abroad.


These are some of the research achievements of Dr. Hanatsu NAGANO, the CEO of Global Bridge Co., Ltd.